I know I am a total geek, and I am Ok with that!

You see, my family has been involved in Scouting for the better part of the last 10 years!  The road has become this amazing journey that I cannot express just how much it has impacted not only my life – but the lives of MANY others.

Young boys and their families have taught me a great deal about life.

That is why I chose (with the help of my Heavenly Father) to write the current series I am writing.  #OnMyHonorSeries – I wanted to give back to those young men.

I wanted to give back to the others who are coming after them, and their leaders.

I want to both inspire and encourage the future generations to hold fast the the qualities that we learn through the Scouting program.

A year and a half ago – our youngest son, Noah, crossed over to #BoyScouts!

We wanted this Blue and Gold to be the BEST one we had EVER had and we took the steps to make that happen!

A #StarWars theme was the only thing that would make it the MOST memorable ever in our Cub Scout History!

My friend Jennifer and I had been planning all kids of cool things – from #Lightsaber decorations (made by the Cub Scouts no doubt) – to our annual Father/Son Cake bake – with our grand #StarWars theme!

The defining moment though was when we contacted the group #501stLegion

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And these are the photos that we captured @ our #epic #BlueandGold – Our R2D2 cake took over five hours to put together and it was our first go round with marshmallow fondant!   And my princess and I got captured…..but we were still having FUN!

We are forever grateful for the wonderful memories that we made that awesome day!  We are indebted to the #501stLegion  in a HUGE way!

Thank you very much for making this forver memory with all of Pack 94, in Mahomet Il.

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